Behind Putoempleo, my name is Carlos Rodriguez

"I was born in Charallave, Venezuela, on August 27, 1999. Since the age of 16, I ventured into the world of photography. At 17, I directed my first project in Caracas, Venezuela. At just 18 years old, I moved to Barcelona to study film. It didn't take long before I started assisting on film sets in various roles and fell in love with cinematography. I have worked in advertising, television, fiction, and music videos, collaborating with numerous international production companies, directors, and artists such as Mora, Danny Ocean, Eladio Carrion, Jerry Di, Aron Piper, Big Soto, and many more. I have experience in over 100 audiovisual projects, working with 16mm film and digital formats. I have a deep passion for light and how to shape and texture it. I am known as "putoempleo" as my artistic name. The reason behind this nickname is not that I hate my job; it was a beautiful coincidence between a difficult moment and a great project. It started as a joke but ended up resonating with me because this industry can be both beautiful and sometimes a 'putoempleo'. More than just a job for me, it is a way of living life. I have always said that in the future, I would be happy living 'with my feet on the ground and the camera on my shoulder,' which is the phrase that truly represents me."